Do you have high-performing employees? Celebrate their achievements by taking them to the most beautiful country Turkey on an exciting trip. 

We’ll work within your budget to organize unforgettable excursions to fantastic destinations.

Here are some examples of exciting activities in Turkey

Istanbul Old Town Tour

Discover Istanbul’s historic Sultanahmet neighborhood, brimming with iconic buildings and storied streets. Drive to Old Town & visit Hippodrome Square, which was once a circus that served as the social center of Contantinapole. You can see the Obelisk of Theodosius, the bronze Serpentine Column, the Column of Constantine and the German Fountain. 

Tour the Blue Mosque built by the Ottoman Sultan Ahmet I in 1616. The mosque is now one of the most famous landmarks of the old city with its famous six minarets, blue tiles decorating the interior walls and the dome . Continue to Hagia Sophia which is an architectural marvel, this ancient basilica was buil by Constantine the Great in the 4th century and reconstructed bu Justinian in the 6th century. Grand Bazaar which is one of the greatest bazaars in the world with  18 different entrances and  with more than 4000 shops. After lunch, visit Topkapı Palace built by Sultan Ahmet II after the conquest of Istanbul in 15th century. That is the great palace that housed the Ottoman Sultans from 15th to the 19th century. You can also visit the exquisite collection of silver, crystal and Chinese porcelain housed in the Paalce Museum along with the sultans and their families robes and Imperial treasury.   


Tour Inclusion: Professional Tour Guide, Lunch with one soft drink, deluxe transportation , Entrance fees

Tour Length: Full day (7-8 hours)


Istiklal Street which is one of the most populated pedestrian street of Istanbul and Pera district.  Aside from the obvious Istiklal Street shopping opportunities, there are many other attraction to see.

In that walking tour, discover historic cinemas (like Atlas, Beyoglu), historical passages (like Hazzopulo, Suriye and Çiçek), churches (St. Antoine, Santa Maria), consulate buildings, and innovative art galleries (check out SALT Beyoğlu, Mesher and the Mısır Apartments, Pera Museum), fish market as well as stunning examples of 19th century Neo-Classical and Art Nouveau architecture to admire. The avenue surrounded by the Greek architecture, starts from the mediavel Genoese neighborhood around famous Galata Tower and eventually leads up to Taksim Square

Tour Inclusion: Professional Tour Guide, transportation

Tour Length: Half day (3-4 hours)

Bosphorus Cruise with a Private LUXURY Boat

Discover the city’s beauty in style on this relaxing cruise down the Bosphorus, the waterway that marks the border between Asian Turkey and European Turkey.

As you cruise along the Bosphorus, be captivated by the panoramic views of Istanbul’s magnificent skyline. Marvel at the architectural wonders that line the shores, including the majestic Dolmabahçe Palace, the iconic Maiden’s Tower, and the Ortaköy Mosque. Pass under the two suspended Bosphorus bridges that connect Euroe and Asia and admire the tick walss of Rumeli Fortress which was built in 1452 before the conquest of Constantine by the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II. During the cruise, you will also have a chance to view the peerless sights ornamenting the Asian and European shores such as 19th century wooden mansions.

Tour Inclusion: Professional Tour Guide, Private Boat, transportation

Tour Length: Half day (3-4 hours)


  • All workshops are based on improve communications and coordination skills such as rhythm, dance, handcrafts, yoga, Turkish coffee making. Workshops aim to nurture team spirit and provide the ability to be  part of a team.     

Tour Inclusion: Professional Tour Guide, Transportation, special venue for the activity


Tour Length: Full day  (3-4 hours)

The Princes Islands Tour with a Private Boat

  • Escape from the busy city life of Istanbul for a full-day excursion to the Princes Islands. Cruise past Leanders Tower, Topkapi Palace, and Uskudar, then glide across the Marmara Sea to reach the largest and most popular island BUYUKADA. You will be immersed by the beautiful houses. As we walk around the island, you will see the sites such as the Clock Tower, Aya Yorgi Church, the Greek Orphanage, old mansions. 


Tour Inclusion: Professional Tour Guide, Lunch, Private Electric Car for your group

Private Boat, transportation

Tour Length: Full day  (7-8 hours)

Relaxing Turkish Bath

Enjoy Hammam –Turkish Bath-which is the Ottoman variation of the steam bath, is a time-held tradition of relaxation, rejuvenation and self-care

Tour inclusions: Transportation, Body Scrub and standard massage treatment, traditional drink


Tour Length: Half day (3-4 Hours)

Bosphorus Dinner Cruise with Turkish Night Show

Sail along the Bosphorus, the meeting point of Europe and Asia, on this evening cruise. Enjoy a variety of entertainment including belly dancing, classic Turkish Show, whirling dervishes, belly dancing, and DJs.

Tour Inclusion: 3 Course dinner with drinks, Tour Leader  assistance, transportation

Tour Length: (3-4 hours)




Dragon Boat activity takes place in Golden Horn in Istanbul. We challange the teams in this historical surrounding. Each boat can take up to 20 people as paddlers and 1 drummer. 

Teams will paddle throughout the Golden Horn and race with other teams in an adrenaline pumping and fun filled way.

Tour Inclusion: Professional Tour Guide, Dragon Boat race, coffee break in the boat house, transportation

Tour Length: Half day tour (11:00-17:00 hours)


Bestselling Team event which takes you’re team in to all the highlites from the old city: the Hagia sophia ,Basilica Cistern, Blue Mosque, Hippodrome, Grand Bazaar and the Sultan Tomb .  

The Quest is specially designed for small & big groups 20-150 pax and has an flexible duration from 2/4 hour’s

The teams locations is constantly supervised by using 3G iPads for each team , Do it ! Game Marshal will coordinate the team tasks & be in contact with teams at all time .


Tour Inclusion: Tour Leader, I-pad Quest, Lunch, transportation

Tour Length: Full day tour (10:00-16:00 hours)


Your corporate activities will be colorful and more fun with sailing races (Regatta), treasure hunt games, survival (Survivor) and strategy games. Everybody can participate this activity even the ones without any sailing experience.

Tour Inclusion: Saling for 2-3 hours, transportation

Tour Length: Full day tour (09:00-18:00 hours)

Bursa – Uludag Mountain Tour including Cable Car Ride

Visit the city of Bursa, once the capital of the Ottoman Empire, on this day trip from Istanbul that starts with a 2-hour ferry ride.

Enjoy Mount Uludag, the ancient Olympus, by cable car drive


Tour inclusions: Proffesional Tour Guide, Lunch, Cable Car ticket, ferry ticket


Tour Duration: Full day + night (10-11 hours)


Drink in delicious flavors during a full-day guided wine tour in the historical region Luleburgaz. Savor five wines and hear about the production of each grape varietal from a Professional Sommelier and a well known wine producer of Turkey. Refine your palate as you discover each wine’s particular qualities and learn about foods that pair well. Plus, spend time relaxing at a winery for lunch and gain more insight into the history of Turkey’s incredible wine culture.

Tour Inclusion: Professional Tour Guide, tasting of 5 different wines, local lunch, transportation

Tour Length: Full day tour (09:00-18:00 hours)

Whirling Dervishes Show

THE Sema Ceremony is a spritüal journey of Dervishes Whirling for divine love

Near the mighty Hagia Sophia Basilica and the magnificent Topkapi Palace, Hodjapasha Cultural Center is a delightful piece of the city’s striking cultural mosaic. Transformed from a large 15th-century hamam (Turkish bath), it now welcomes visitors under its high dome ceilings to showcase some of the best of this vast country’s traditions.


Tour Inclusion: Whirling Dervishes Ceremony (SEMA) for 45 min,  transportation

Tour Length: Night tour (3-4 hours)

Rhythm of the Dance Show

Sensational  Ottoman harem  dances, charming traditional dances and exotic belly dances  are  showcased magnificently in this program.  Watch highly energic and moving dances with fascinating modern choreography . Enjoy rhythm and fire shows and amazing  costumes. 360 degree special visual effects creates exclusive and cozy show atmosphere in this special historical place .

Tour Inclusion: Show for 45 min., transportation

Tour Length: Night tour (3-4 hours)


Tunning Theatrical Dance Show that combines traditional dances with modern choreography and 360 degree video projection  

White Rose is name of freed Ottoman concubine who experienced extraordinary love affair with Dutch Consul during Tulip period in 18th century . We invite you to withness this true love story and Ottoman harem life through dance , music , video and amazing costumes in beautiful historic place. 360 degree video projection special effects are used during the show.

Tour Inclusion: Show for 2 hours, transportation

Tour Length: Night tour (4-5 hours)

Dinner in NUSRET Restaurant

Nusr-Et Steakhouse quickly became the sector’s leader with its top quality steaks, unprecedented service quality, boutique concept and still remains as number 1.

By offering many unique options to meatlovers, Nusr-Et quickly brought extra flair to the steakhouse culture and still serves as an indispensable location for its guests.

Gala Dinners

We create extraordinary Gala  menu alternatives according your selections with different themes and decorations.


Driving in Suzuki Jeeps, our 130 km route is mostly OFF-ROAD and includes the most spectacular views and countryside of the entire region. Leaving Bodrum at approx. 10:00, we head east of the Bodrum Peninsula. After a coffee break at Ciftlikkoy, we reach the highest peak of the Peninsula affording a magnificent panorama. Continuing through Etrim and Mumcular villages we arrive at the sleepy hamlet of Mazi for lunch and a swim in the gorgeous bay. We take in the pine forests and mountain scenery on our return journey to Bodrum for approx. 17:00

Tour Inclusion: Tour Guide, Coffee Break, Lunch, Transportation

Tour Length: Full day (8 Hours)




Explore the off-the-beaten-paths around Goreme on a ATV bike. This tour provide an exciting adventure over and through the beautiful hills, valleys, dunes and trails of the extraordinary Cappadocia landscape


Tour Inclusion: Tour Leader  assistance, transportation, 2 Hours ATV Ride

Tour Length: (3-4 hours)


Enjoy an exhilarating private hot-air balloon flight over Cappadocia. See the sunrise and take in panoramic views of the beautiful local landscape from a new perspective in the sky. 


Tour Inclusion: Tour Leader  assistance, Early Bird breakfast, Private Hot Air Balloon Flight, Champagne, Transportation


Tour Length: (3-4 hours)


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